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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps some of our users' frequently asked questions can resolve your doubts.

How do I receive payment for the work done?

The client and the company negotiate the payment method between themselves.


What happens when my trial period ends?

As a new member of Jobsaun, you will receive a free trial premium membership to try the app without credit card or commitment. During this trial membership period, you can receive 1 customer contact who has accepted your offer. The trial membership will automatically end after a customer accepts your offer. After the trial membership period, there are no costs or obligations.


How much does it cost to post a job ad?

Accounts for Clients and job ad postings are completely free.


How long does my job ad last?

Once you post your ad, it remains active until you accept an offer related to it or manually remove it. This means interested providers can make offers during this period.


Can I cancel the agreement with a company once I have accepted their offer?

To cancel an agreement after it has been accepted, you need to inform the company you have been in contact with. Jobsaun is not responsible for agreements or contracts that arise between users.